Welcome to Pam’s Custard Corner conveniently located less than a mile down the road from Buffalo and Erie Counties Botanical Gardens. If you and your family are visiting these beautiful gardens why not stop by Pam’s Custard Corner for a delicious treat? We offer 31 different flavors of custard, various delicious sundaes, home made Italian and cherry ice and so much more.

Our custards can make your trip to the gardens even better. There is nothing better then a nice cold treat on a hot sunny day.

Pam’s Custard Corner features our premium soft served French Vanilla Custard, Chocolate and Twist that is our number one seller. We also offer a PB Delight sundae which includes reeses pieces, peanut butter, chocolate and custard which is sure to delight your taste buds.

Our Arctic Swirls are great if you are in the mood for custard blended with your favorite candy pieces. Not in the mood for custard? We also offer Perry’s Premium Hard Iced Cream with 16 different flavors to choose from.

Don’t just stop at our website, come on in today and see for yourself the many different options you have to choose from.



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