Pam’s  Custard Corner

Pam’s Custard Corner is conveniently located just a mile down the road from Our Lady of Victory Basilica directly on South Park Avenue. If you are in the mood for great ice cream, Pam’s Custard Corner is your place to go! We carry 31 different flavors of premium custard that your whole family can enjoy. We offer a variety of different Sundaes, Cones, Frozen Iced Beverages, Milk Shakes, Ice Cream Floats, Arctic Swirls, Homemade Lemon Ice and Cherry Ice.

Our best selling treat is our premium soft served french vanilla custard, chocolate and twist. We have many different types of sundaes that you can enjoy after you visit Our Lady of Victory Basilica. Our sundaes are unbeatable and you can never go wrong by treating yourself to our PB Delight Sundae.

Our selection doesn’t stop there. We also offer Arctic Swirls which are our premium custards filled and blended with your favorite candy and much more.

If you are looking for hard ice cream, we carry Perry’s Premium Hard Iced Cream which just adds to the variety of ice cream we offer. We keep your trips entertaining every time, because we guarantee you will find something new that you want to try each time you revisit our stand.


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